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Stefan has created an 80-hour Integrative Fitness™ Advanced Certification Program for those working in the health and fitness fields who wish to expand their scope and depth of practice. Integrative Fitness™ blends perception and orientation based movement re-education with embodied anatomy and joint mobilization techniques to create new, more fluid and pain-free coordination. Exploring the language of the “movement brain” activates the body’s inherent system of tension-free stabilization, flexibility and flow.

Through inquiry into movement theory, anatomy and physiology, pain science and embodiment you will discover “whole–body–support” for strong, fluid, injury free movement for yourself, your clients and students. Learn to work with and resolve complex pain syndromes, explore deeper levels of body-centered mindfulness and cultivate an underlying sense for the relationship of strength, mobility and ease in your body.


Experience directly while developing a working knowledge of our core as a systems event rather than simply a group of muscles. Embody how our innate gravity response, perception and orientation are involved whole body stabilization. Understand what trauma looks like and how to support someone's process as these things arise in our practice. Feel dimensional anatomy in motion that will refresh your system, as well as inform the way you approach pain syndrome and injury.


Each day is a combination of theory, anatomy, demonstration, partnered exploration. You will learn lots of user-friendly, easy to incorporate concepts and techniques that will help you understand your current way of working, while expanding in all directions. Integrative movement will be included to allow what we learn to anchor and find a home in our bodies and everyday movement.


If you are a teacher in the movement or hands-on therapy field looking to advance your education, perception, intuition, and hands-on skills, this program is for you.


If you are a layperson and want to significantly deepen your practice, and to more fully understand and experience the layers of your body in motion, this program for you.

Integrative Fitness™ is offered as an advanced certification training series in Stefan’s studio on Martha’s Vineyard, or hosted at a location of your choosing. 


Click here to download detailed information on Integrative Fitness™ immersive training.

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